Helping people balance their well-being and performance in sport, business and life.

Balance your Brain with Jon Skelton

Coming from a background in teaching, and armed with a solid foundation in neuroscience and Sports Psychology, my aim is to support individuals and teams towards reaching their full potential.

I am driven by the belief that everyone can facilitate positive change. By taking control they create the positive outcomes. This proactive approach requires a blend of self-awareness, strategic planning, and the courage to make decisions aligning with desired changes. Empowering oneself begins with a mindset shift—believing in the capacity to drive change.

By combining mental skills coaching with solution-focused hypnotherapy, I am committed to helping my clients take control of their mind, reduce stress, and unlock their full potential.

Jon Skelton Performance coaching in Essex
Jon Skelton Sports performance coach in Essex

How I can help

Thank you for getting in touch - I'm out of the office until 21st February and will respond to you as soon as I can upon my return.