Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instruction

The Oxygen Advantage is a ground-breaking approach to breathing that goes beyond simply taking in air to survive; it's about optimising the way we breathe to thrive.

Oxygen advantage breathwork coaching in Essex
Hypnotherapy for dealing with stress

Developed by Patrick McKeown, this innovative method draws upon ancient wisdom and modern science to help individuals harness the power of their breath. At its core, the Oxygen Advantage emphasizes breathing in a way that boosts oxygen delivery to the body’s tissues and organs, leading to enhanced physical performance, reduced stress, and improved overall well-being.

The Oxygen Advantage offers a holistic approach to breathing, with techniques and practices designed to address a wide range of health and performance issues. By focusing on breath control, breath holding, and specific breathing patterns, individuals can unlock their full potential. Whether you’re an athlete looking to boost endurance, someone seeking relief from stress and anxiety, or simply striving for better sleep and overall vitality, the Oxygen Advantage provides a comprehensive toolkit to help you achieve your goals through the simple, yet profound, act of breathing.

One on one coaching available as well as group sessions and course.

Cost is based upon the enquiry.