Corporate Hypnotherapy


Challenges such as stress, office conflicts, and lack of motivation can hinder your organization’s full potential.

The Health and Safety Executive reported that in 2022/2023, work-related stress, depression, or anxiety caused the loss of 17.1 million working days – the leading cause of work-related illness in the UK.


Increasingly, businesses are embracing hypnotherapy to boost productivity and profitability, aiding employees in overcoming personal hurdles and facilitating smoother team dynamics.

Hypnotherapy is now recognized as a valuable human resources tool, empowering individuals and organizations to unlock their professional and personal capabilities.


Providing therapy sessions in the workplace not only boosts morale but also demonstrates a tangible investment in employee well-being.

At Balance your Brain, my focus is on forward progress, helping individuals conquer mental barriers by fostering a more positive mindset.

Jon Skelton Mental skills support in Essex

Benefits include:

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Alleviating stress & anxiety

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Enhancing motivation

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Cultivating confidence

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Fostering teamwork

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Improving communication & public speaking skills

Invest in Your Enterprise:

Balance Your Brain offers group seminars and individual therapy sessions within corporate settings to address potential mental obstacles within individuals and teams.