Mental Skills for Sporting Performance

In my practice, I provide Mental Skills sessions for a diverse range of individuals, including both elite athletes and enthusiastic amateurs. These sessions are open to both juniors and adults, covering an age range from 8 to 80. I don’t believe age is a barrier to success!

Jon Skelton Sports performance coach in Essex
Mental sport performance coaching for cricketers

My support is designed to cater to individuals across a variety of situations:

  • Athletes who engage in regular competition or performance and are eager to enhance their success by acquiring long-lasting mental skills and performance techniques. This involves the development of strategies, tactical goal setting, target establishment, and maintaining a season-long focus. Additionally, we identify specific mental skills to address and overcome existing performance challenges.
  • Those who are currently side-lined due to injuries or facing setbacks and are in search of guidance to establish goals for their recovery. I provide valuable insights and advice on how to make the most of their time away from their sport to acquire new mental skills. This process includes identifying potential trigger points and stressors that could contribute to future injuries or issues, along with strategies for effective management.
  • Individuals dealing with performance-related issues that have a substantial impact on their ability to achieve success. These issues often revolve around anxiety, emotional control, perfectionism, or social comparison. Our support is aimed at helping individuals address and overcome these specific challenges.

How it works

For amateur athletes, I usually recommend a series of 5 or 6 sessions. These sessions are typically spaced out fortnightly to allow enough time for practice and completing any assigned homework.

As for elite athletes, I offer support on an ongoing basis, helping when it’s needed, especially in response to specific issues or upcoming competitive events.

In my role as a mental skills coach, I often use an eclectic approach, which means that I blend various theories and techniques from different areas of psychology. This allows me to create a customised and holistic strategy to improve athletes’ mental performance.

I focus on tailoring interventions to individual needs, considering sport-specific challenges, and integrating tools from cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic, and humanistic approaches, among others.

Cost: £80 - £90 per session.

Mental sport performance coaching for Tennis