Performance Coaching

These sessions are beneficial for individuals striving for excellence in their respective careers.

“Jon is a brilliant coach. I cannot recommend him enough. He just gets it.”

Sandra, Glasgow
Jon Skelton Performance coach

I’ve had the privilege of working with clients across a wide spectrum, including students, teachers, sales advisors, business owners, and CEOs. My aim is to assist them in developing outstanding skills and fostering a highly accomplished approach to their professional endeavours.

Mental skills from the world of sport can assist individuals in business by enhancing mental resilience, goal setting, confidence, and stress management. They provide techniques for improving teamwork, leadership, and communication, and encourage visualization and performance analysis. By fostering a growth mindset and intrinsic motivation, these skills can empower individuals to excel in the corporate world.

Hypnotherapy for public speaking anxiety
Performance coaching workshops

How it works

Performance coaching doesn’t have a set number of required sessions. Clients attend as needed, whether it’s for a few weeks to acquire specific skills, a few months for more comprehensive support, or intermittently when workplace challenges arise.

In my role as a mental skills coach, I often use an eclectic approach, which means that I blend various theories and techniques from different areas of psychology. This allows me to create a customised and holistic strategy to improve athletes’ mental performance. I focus on tailoring interventions to individual needs, considering sport-specific challenges, and integrating tools from cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic, and humanistic approaches, among others.

Cost: £80 - £90 per session.