Mindset Coaching for Sporting and Business Performance

Sport and business mental performance coach

In my practice, I specialise in empowering individuals to unlock their full athletic or business potential through Mental Skills sessions tailored to the unique needs.

Whether you’re an elite or amateur sports competitor, or wanting to excel in business, my approach is designed to enhance your performance and mental resilience.

The importance of regular practice in mental skills for sporting and business performance cannot be overstated. Just as athletes invest time and effort into honing their physical skills through training and practice, the same dedication is required to develop mental toughness and enhance

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Who Can Benefit from Mental Skills Sessions?

For athletes, whether competitive or amateur who regularly engage in sports competitions and are in Essex, my sessions can be tailored for you.

Overcoming performance anxiety in sports

Maybe you have mental blocks in gymnastics or you can’t quite reach the level you keep striving for in athletics. Whatever the sport or issue together we’ll focus on acquiring long-lasting mental skills and performance techniques. This involves developing strategies, setting tactical goals, establishing targets, and maintaining a season-long focus. We’ll also identify specific mental skills to address and conquer existing performance challenges.

People in business wanting to increase their performance or who have performance-related issues that significantly impact their ability to succeed can also benefit greatly. These issues often revolve around anxiety, emotional control, perfectionism, or social comparison. My coaching is dedicated to helping you address and conquer these specific challenges.

Sessions for individuals can be face to face in my comfortable therapy room near Essex or online depending on your preference. 

How It Works

I typically recommend a series of 5 or 6 sessions. These sessions are strategically spaced out over fortnightly intervals, allowing ample time for practice and the completion of any assigned homework. Or if an elite athlete, I provide ongoing support, stepping in when needed, especially in response to specific issues or upcoming competitive events.

My Approach
In my role as a mental skills coach, I employ an extensive approach, drawing from a diverse range of theories and techniques from various areas of psychology. This approach enables me to create a personalised and holistic strategy to enhance mental performance.

Cost: £75 - £85 per session
(packages available).

Your journey to achieving performance excellence in business and sport begins here in Essex, where mental skills are the key to unlocking your true potential. Don’t let mental barriers hold you back from achieving your performance goals. Join me in this transformative journey, where victory is not just about physical prowess but also the mastery of your own mind.

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