Hypnotherapy in Great Dunmow

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

Discover the incredible potential of Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy, an innovative approach highly regarded for its effectiveness in addressing a wide range of challenges.

Distinguishing itself from conventional therapies, this method directs its focus towards positive future outcomes, steering clear of dwelling on past issues. By seamlessly combining hypnosis with a forward looking mindset, this therapy empowers individuals to surmount a multitude of obstacles, including the challenges of pain management, by tapping into the extraordinary capabilities of the subconscious mind.

I am Jon Skelton, a Mental Skills Coach & Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with mission to empower individuals, young and old, and I invite you to join me on this incredible journey toward realising your potential. Your success story begins right here, right now.

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Mastering Pain Management with Hypnotherapy

Chronic pain can be an overwhelming and debilitating condition that significantly affects one’s quality of life.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy offers a potent tool to address the complexities of pain management, helping you regain control and alleviate suffering. Through a state of profound relaxation and heightened awareness induced by hypnotherapy, you gain the power to influence your perception of pain and its impact on your life. This shift in perspective can lead to a more positive outlook, reducing the intensity and impact of pain, and enabling you to manage it more effectively.

Considering the complexities of pain is crucial in our therapeutic approach. I recognise that chronic pain often results from various factors, including physical conditions, emotional stress, and psychological factors. I create a secure and supportive environment for you to explore these underlying causes. Within this therapeutic space, you’ll be encouraged to reframe negative patterns and beliefs associated with pain, fostering a more positive relationship with your body and well-being.

My goal extends beyond immediate symptom relief; we aim to equip you with a range of tools and strategies to manage and mitigate pain in the long term.

How Else Can Hypnotherapy Help?

My services extend their reach to address a diverse spectrum of concerns, ranging from depression, sleep difficulties, anxiety, performance management and more.

I tailor each session to tap into your unique strengths, guiding you through your distinct challenges. Techniques such as relaxation and visualisation unlock the untapped potential of your subconscious mind, enabling enduring, affirmative transformations.

My Approach for Holistic Well-being

Acknowledging that every individual brings a unique history, set of challenges, and strengths to the table, I’m able to adapt my approach to meet your specific needs.

Through a customised therapeutic plan, harmonising with your aspirations and challenges, hypnotherapy transcends its role as a mere solution for immediate hurdles—it metamorphoses into a transformative journey toward holistic personal growth and self-discovery.

My tailored approach ensures that therapy remains pertinent, impactful, and profoundly transformative for each individual embarking on this enlightening journey.

Cost: £75 - £85 per session
(packages available).

Sessions for individuals can be face to face in my comfortable therapy room near Great Dunmow in Essex or online depending on your preference. 

Embark on a transformative journey with Hypnotherapy in Bishops Stortford — a journey where positive change, self-discovery, and empowerment converge to overcome fears and phobias. Let our personalised approach guide you towards a brighter, more liberated future.

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