Hypnotherapy in Chelmsford

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

Explore the realm of positive change and personal empowerment with Hypnotherapy in Chelmsford.

My approach, inspired by Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy, offers a transformative journey by diverging from traditional methods. Instead of dwelling on past problems, we focus on envisioning positive future outcomes, combining the efficacy of hypnosis with a forward-looking mindset to empower individuals in their unique paths.

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Addressing Low Mood with Hypnotherapy

Low mood can cast a shadow on life’s experiences, impacting individuals on various levels.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy provides a significant tool in navigating low mood, fostering positive change and internal strength. Guiding individuals into a relaxed, focused state, this approach influences deeper mental processes, leading to a positive shift in perspective and alleviating symptoms of low mood. Understanding low mood as a response to stress, life events, or internal conflicts, our hypnotherapy creates a supportive space for exploring underlying causes. Through this process, negative patterns and beliefs are reframed, empowering individuals not only to alleviate symptoms but also to maintain long-term mental well-being.

Expanding the Scope of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy extends its scope to address various issues beyond low mood and anxiety. From sports performance anxiety to eating disorders.

I tailor each session to utilise individual strengths, guiding clients through their unique challenges. Techniques such as relaxation and visualisation unlock the subconscious, enabling lasting, positive changes.

Personalised Approach for Holistic Growth

Recognising that each individual brings a unique history, set of challenges, and strengths to the table, I follow a personalised approach.

I create customised therapeutic plans aligned with individual aspirations and challenges. This ensures that hypnotherapy becomes not just a method for overcoming immediate hurdles but a journey towards holistic personal growth and self-discovery.

The personalised touch guarantees that the therapy remains relevant, impactful, and deeply transformative for each person embarking on this journey.

Cost: £75 - £85 per session
(packages available).

Sessions for individuals can be face to face in my comfortable therapy room near Chelmsford in Essex or online depending on your preference. 

Embark on a transformative journey with Hypnotherapy in Chelmsford. I am Jon Skelton, a Mental Skills Coach & Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with mission to empower individuals, young and old, and I invite you to join me on this incredible journey toward realising your potential. Your success story begins right here, right now.

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