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Confidence Coaching For Individuals and Teams

Confidence is the cornerstone of personal and professional success. It's the driving force that empowers individuals to reach their full potential, overcome challenges, and excel in various aspects of life.

My coaching is not just a passing trend; it’s a proven method to unlock hidden potential, enhance performance, and promote well-being.

Leveraging my extensive teaching background, I specialise in providing impactful sessions, workshops, webinars, and presentations tailored to boost confidence for individuals,  clubs, organisations, schools, and companies across Essex and the UK.

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Mental and physical coaching in Essex

How It Works:

Confidence coaching in Essex is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Every individual and group faces unique challenges and aspirations.

That’s why I provide a range of solutions to cater to your specific requirements: These sessions are meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of needs, whether you’re looking to address common recurring challenges or seeking to tackle specific obstacles that may be impeding the progress of your athletes, pupils, or staff members.

I offer individual sessions or workshops, webinars, or presentations that are meticulously crafted to suit the unique requirements of the audience. Each session is thoughtfully developed with the needs of you, or your team (whether athletes, pupils, or staff) in mind.

Individual sessions can be at my therapy room in Essex or online.  Workshops can be conducted on your premises or at a location of your choosing, ensuring convenience and accessibility for your team. For remote workers, online sessions are available to facilitate learning and growth.

How my coaching can help

Confidence Building:
Empower yourself or your  team by enhancing their self-confidence, enabling them to approach challenges and opportunities with a positive mindset.

Effective Communication
Improve your interpersonal skills and communication or those within your group, fostering a more collaborative and supportive environment.

Stress Management
Equip yourself or your team with strategies to handle stress effectively, promoting overall well-being and resilience.

Goal Setting
Foster a goal-oriented culture by providing your athletes, pupils, or staff with tools and techniques to set and achieve their objectives. Set yourself goals and be able to achieve them and progress!

Team Building
Strengthen your ability to work as part of a team.  Improve existing teams’ cohesion and camaraderie, resulting in improved teamwork and performance.

Whether you’re looking to address specific challenges or empower a group with essential life skills, these sessions offer a pathway to personal and collective growth.

Are you ready to unlock your full potential?

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Beth Redfern
Beth Redfern
I highly recommend working with Jon of Balance Your Brain. I found his combination of coaching and hypnotherapy hugely helpful in dealing with some unexpected stressful events and was really impressed at just how quickly things changed with his help. As well as being great at what he does, he’s also really professional and very nice. He immediately put me at my ease and I felt very comfortable talking to him. Thank you Jon!
Finn Hewlett
Finn Hewlett
I went to Jon when I was in a bad place. And I have suffered from anxiety in the past. I think opening up as much as possible is the best way to achieve the best results in therapy. In the first couple of sessions i wasn’t being completely honest with Jon or myself. But as soon as I began to open up and be completely honest I then started to receive the information that was needed in order for me get over these negative thoughts and emotions. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone who is going through a bad period, or even if they feel they may be going down the wrong path in life. Jon helped me to understand my brain and the processes it can go through that can either send you down a negative spiral of thoughts and emotions. But the same way it can do this, it can be done in a positive way as well. Highly recommend.
We went to Jon as my daughter age 9 has been battling some fears/mental blocks in gymnastics with backwards tumbling. My daughter felt at ease with Jon and could talk and explain her feelings even though she struggles with communicating. Jon has built up her confidence, she is now believing in herself and backward tumbling is making progress.
Jane Harden
Jane Harden
Jon was brilliant can not praise enough, been a smoker for 30 years and tried many time to stop, this time with Jon's help it has worked 7 weeks now ! 😀
Jessica Easley
Jessica Easley
I searched up hypnotherapy and anxiety to look for help for my son. Up came Jon! My son hated school and was starting GCSEs and I thought Jon may help to get him through the last few months. He was amazing! He totally understood a 16 yr old mind and how he felt. My son could really open up and talk to Jon, he looked forward to every session and came out a more positive happier child. Jon taught him to turn situations around and override the negative thoughts. His advice has now helped him pass 8 GCSEs and has settled into 6th form so easily and made new friends with his new found confidence. I can’t thank Jon enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. If you need help contact him you won’t regret it!
Rich Brassett
Rich Brassett
My sessions with Jon were always really insightful and his thoroughness and way of explaining things helped me to really uncover certain issues that we then worked on. I would highly recommend speaking with Jon, i've seen significant growth in myself.
I have struggled a lot over the years with negative thinking and severe anxiety. Jonn has really helped me deal with these issues and re train my way of thinking to the point were I now no longer feel the aniexty at all. His a true gentleman and can't thank him enough.
Alex Green
Alex Green
Jon has helped me immensely with my career and performance. I can't thank him enough for all his help so far.
april clarke
april clarke
Jon was an amazing Hypnotherapist. He helped massively with my anxiety and allowed me to think positively about situations which made me more motivated and overall happier. Thank you so much Jon, I very much recommend Jon to anyone struggling.
Lucy Skelton
Lucy Skelton
Client testimonial. “Full disclosure, I’m Jon’s wife. But as anyone knows, your family can give you a much harder time than anyone else, so my husband really had his work cut out with me! Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I hate flying. Since I was a kid, I’ve hated flying. I’ve tried so many ways to cope; medication, copious amounts of alcohol, fear-of-flying courses, clinging to aircraft staff & family for dear life and shear avoidance…it’s safe to say, I’ve got the t-shirt. And Jon’s had to put up with my vast array of ‘techniques’ for the past 20 years! Jon suggested trying out some hypnotherapy on me. I’ll hold my hands up, I was sceptical; not because I didn’t he was good at what he does or that hypnotherapy doesn’t work, I just thought…it’s weird, you’re my husband…and I’ve tried everything already! This is just me, it’ll never go away. So fast forward to this photo. This is me on a plane during take off, returning from Edinburgh this weekend. I’m listening to my hypnotherapy recording (my husband is in my ear!) and I’m in happy-land. I never thought this would be possible. I’ve gone from being unable to sleep before a flight and stressing about every tiny detail of the journey (the packing, the ride to the airport, literally everything)…to gliding through security, browsing the shops and even sleeping on a plane! I couldn’t eat 24hrs before I flew (regularly vomiting in the toilets before boarding, through nerves). I can now can eat on a plane. Yesterday I even ate lunch before I got on the plane. That’s huge! My longest running coping strategy was alcohol. Although I felt like it worked, it really didn’t. I would be anxious & stressed about getting drunk enough before my flight (speeding everyone through security as quickly as possible to get to a bar). Trust me there’s nothing glamorous about drinking vodka at 8am with your kids in tow. It also ruined the beginning of my holiday; I’d often not remember the landing airport, left bags on planes and spent the first day of my holiday in bed royally hungover. My fear of flying genuinely stopped me from living my life how I wanted to. I would turn down trips or change the destination to avoid a long flight or a flight at all. I now can’t wait for my next holiday. It’s safe to say, it’s changed my life and my family’s. If you feel how I used to about flying (or any fear for that matter), give Jon a try…it could change everything for you.”